Thursday, September 2, 2010

Humans and Computers :An Analogy

Was reading a book on Software Engineering,thought worth of posting an article of an analogy between human memory and computers,which was explained in the best possible manner,here are some insights :-
  • The fact that human brain can store atmost 7 (magical number!) items in short memory span region is quite extraordinary and surprising , in fact you and me can at most remember only 7 recent items which our sensory organs perceive,this can be thought  of as CACHE memory in computers,a relatively short amount of memory,wow!!! What a beginning.
  • Then there is a portion in the brain which can store millions of items in the long memory span region,this is an direct analogy to a RAM inside a computer,which is relatively large
  • Then the brain has processing unit which processes it back to the Sensory organs,quite similar to what a processor do inside a computer...................signing off for the september!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I hav a wish on independence day!

  • I have a wish that "I find someone really really  special that  really understands how passionate i am,and i really really wish that i hadn't come across people with such attitude and demeanor that would display power and authority to keep me quiet,would persuade me to unknown territory, i really really wish i had NEVER EVER come across such kind of people in my life again" JAI HO.
  • The special someone who truly understands the meaning and purpose of being together and tenacity and courage to go the extra mile.
  •  A special someone that has the looks of a princess,like the Snow white in  "Snow white and the seven dwarfs"
I'll be waiting for that "D" day,JAI HO....

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what better way to start a post by saying these quotes "A man acquires responsibility after marriage and a women acquires freedom after marriage "